Take total control of your environment. Black Box Control Systems offer AV solutions and room control for conference rooms, classrooms, and control rooms. 

Audio Visual Control systems from Black Box make presenting and sharing information you’re your team easier than ever. Automate control of your AV and KVM systems, including projectors, DVD players, sound systems, screens, displays, even lights, and window shades.  Instead of fumbling around trying to set up equipment, gain total AV control or total room control with the push a button or swipe a touch pad using our high tech control systems. Black Box offers a number of AV solutions tailored to fit your group’s needs and your environment. 

control bridge, room control
ControlBridge™ Control System

Achieve the highest level of automated room control with this comprehensive system. AV control and DVM control system as well as room control systems are available. 

wallplate control panel, room control

Wallplate Control Panel

Get easy wallplate-based control panel for AV devices, KVM switches, scalers, and other room equipment.


Conference Rooms, room control
control rooms, room control
classrooms, room control

Conference Rooms

Our control systems will get the room ready for a presentation
with the touch of a button. Choose from
Processors for small to large room control.

Control Rooms

Control KVM and Video & Multimedia systems with
just a touch of a button, a touch screen,
a tablet, or even your smartphone.  


Control all your audio visual solutions—screens,
projectors, and presentation systems—
in small classrooms and large auditoriums.

Room Control

Total room control is now easier than ever. Lower the screen, dim the lights,
and share your presentation via the
room projector, all with the press of a
ControlBridge Touch Panel, Keypad, or
a Wallplate Control Panel.

Local/Remote Control and Interoperability

Control all devices via Ethernet, serial,
IR, digital I/O, and relay. Integrate easily
with existing technologies.

Unlimited Input Devices

There are no limits to this control system. Control applications with any number of touchscreens, push buttons, and mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows).

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